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Senarai Harga Kereta LEXUS

Senarai harga kereta LEXUS.
(List of LEXUS car prices based on selected models)

senarai harga kereta lexus


Senarai Harga Kereta LEXUS

ModelHarga (RM)
Price (RM)
CT 200h (CBU)172,604172,619
CT 200h LUXURY (CBU)201,858202,900
CT 200h F SPORT (CBU)-206,877
ES 250 (CBU)-259,800
ES 250 LUXURY (CBU)-279,800
ES 300h (CBU)-353,000
IS 250 (CBU)277,256269,900
IS 250 LUXURY (CBU)313,166299,900
IS 250 F SPORT (CBU)-333,000
IS 250 CONVERTIBLE (CBU)443,468443,468
IS 300h-383,000
RX 270 (CBU)349,076349,076
RX 350 (CBU) 387,038 387,038
RX 450h (CBU)533,756533,756
GS 250 (CBU)375,995375,995
GS 250 LUXURY (CBU)409,287409,287
GS 250 F SPORT (CBU)411,279 411,279
GS 350 LUXURY (CBU)468,885 468,885
GS 350 F SPORT (CBU) 477,093 477,093
LS 460 (CBU)-789,598
LS 460 SPORT (CBU)738,275 -
LS 460 F SPORT (CBU)-820,378
LS 460L (CBU)851,135881,938
LS 600hL (CBU)1,002,1821,073,525

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